Doggie Spa Corona

Prices and Services

** Please note pricing a pets groom is not cut and dry. We must examine your pets coat length and type to give an accurate cost. Prices listed below are just averages.

Bath & Brush Packages: 
♥Small $25-$30
♥Medium $30-40
♥Large-XL $35-$50

Bath & Haircut packages (without matting/knots):
♥Small $45-$48
♥Medium $48-$55
♥Extra medium $55-$65
♥Large $75-$85
♥Extra large/double coat/specialty $85-$100

Pet Scents(included in EVERY Service)

♥ Eucalyptus 
♥Sweet Orange 
♥Lemon Grass 
♥ cucumber melon
♥ Aloha Hawaii
♥ Orange Creamsicle 
♥ Candy Cane 
♥ manly man
♥ Stress Relief
♥Relax and Revive 
♥baby kiss
♥juicy fruit
♥Spearmint Gum
♥green tea
♥wild honey
♥Chocolate chip cookie
♥ Coconut
♥Create your own combo!!
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