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♥All Products at Doggie Spa are all hypo-allergenic and made by Canineology products.

Doggie Spa's shampoos are Created with essential oils for your pets total health. Essential oils include peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, joba joba, and tea tree. Each Ingredient targets a specific need that Doggie spa's professionals find crucial for healthy skin. The oils come together to insure antibacterial , anti-itch, nerve-calming, flea prevention, insect prevention, Antispasmodic, stimulates circulation, soothes arthritis, Antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and relieves chest congestion. Other Ingredients include chlorohexidine, and aloe vera. Soaps are hypo-allergenic and great for dogs with all types of skin conditions. We supply your medicated shampoos without vet prices.

♥ a concentrated gallon over 1200 washes)! 
♥Ear Cleaner 
♥Gallon of Ear Cleaner 
Conditioning Spray 
♥Healthy Pet Scents 
♥All Natural Flea Spray 
♥Dirty Dog Rinse
Sugar Scrub face cleanser
♥Itchy dog wipes
♥Doggie Seat belts
♥Doggie Bows
♥Gps trackers
♥CBD salve
♥CUstom made dog beds
♥Doggie Bath bombs

♥Order Through email ( 
♥Also order over the phone             909-239-7014       

We also have many name brand products avaliable. 
♥Shipping or store pick up is free 
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