Doggie Spa Corona

Styling Academy

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Doggie Spa Styling Academy. You will attend our classes for 400 clocked hours. You may choose your days and hours, however you should be open to working weekends when we are the busiest. All equipment and products will be supplied to you. Tuition is $4000. $150 discount to those who buy there own clippers and scissors. Uniforms will be required and will be supplied to you washed and pressed for $5 per week. You may purchase your own scrubs if desired.  Students need to arrive on time to there shifts and keep a set schedule.

Student learning task list

-Kennel sanitation
- Basic restraint
-Basic disease transmission
-Working reception in a shop
-Checking in clients
-Checking out clients
-Client communication
-Booking appointments
-Shop upkeep
-Closing/Opening a shop
- Proper Bathing,scrubbing, cleaning
-Bathing brushes and tools
-Proper towel Drying
-Wet Conditioning, brushing
- Dry Brushing
-Knott/Matt Removal
-Extra services
-Nail trimming
-Nail grinding
-Sanitary shave
-pad clearing
-Face clean-up
-Ear hair removal
-Flea education
-Tick education
-Common skin deases
-Ear infections
-Senior dogs
-Puppy Grooming
-Care for Bording dogs
-Animal handeling
- Animal behavior
-Dealing with aggressive animals
-Proper De-sheding
-Restraining cats
-Handeling cats
-Basic eye and ear care
-Body shave-downs
-Knoledge of blades and sizes
-AKC breed Cuts
-Feet rounding
-Hand scissoring
-Scissoring techniques
-Face Trimming/shaping
-Tail trimming/shaping
-Ear Trimming/shaping

Extra work shops

-Nail Capping workshop $30
-Vaccination workshop $200
- Pet dye workshop $50
-Whirlpool/hydrotherapy workshop $25

Add a certificate to these workshops for $20


-$1000 down. 4 months payment plan of 875. This payment plus tuition is $4500

-$4000 up front 

-Start school immediately and pay $4000 balance divided into 3 months $1333.33 per month.

You may pay with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, check, or cash.

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