Doggie Spa Corona

Whats New?

Self Wash $10-$15
Includes: Your own private room and tub. Shampoo, conditioner, and face scrub. A towel, dryer, and brush.
Nail Capping 
Lasts 2-6 weeks. Free replacements before two weeks
CBD Products
CBD is relatively new to the pet market and is making waves in the veterinary industry. CBD is solving more issues than any one single pharmaceutical pill available for pets.  The Salve we have available is for topical use on troubled areas like arthritis, hip displasia, sore paws, ect.
New De-shedding Process
Here at Doggie Spa we are constantly striving to provide you with current and most effective ways of treatment. We have added an extra step in our deshedding process that eliminates 20% more of that unwanted fur.
TOP Dog Award
Miniature trophy awarded to extremely well behaved dogs. The trophy includes $2 off for life at our salon
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